The Grid of Life

Spirit does not have a boundary but is a universal field connected to all living things through the energy grid – this applies to planets as well as people. Your eternal self is a node within this universal field of infinite consciousness that is above the illusions of time and space. The problem we have on earth is essentially one of spiritual disconnection within many of modern humanity. The energy grid of the planet suffered much damage and contamination over recent millennia but is now being repaired, resulting in periodic next-gear activations connected to power flowing through interdimensional stargates. Major ones occurred in 1987, 1997, 2001 and 2012.

When grid power reaches a certain capacity, the result of this will be a convergence of planet earth with 4th density. This is a higher dimension of reality where there is still polarity but much Light. Existence is more mind-centred. Matter is more etheric and maleable with concentration of thought. The limitations of the 3rd density (our realm) do not exist there.

Your own level of consciousness is also affected by the state of your personal energy grid (also known as chakras and meridians), which is connected to the planet and All That Is. Millennia of human DNA corruption is another factor in why you find it hard to maintain full consciousness. Fortunately your own personal energy grids and souls are being worked on. The cosmos is bathing all of earth in healing energy, and it will become stronger as the planetary grid increases in power.





Posted October 15, 2015 by Jonny Turak

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