Messages from Luanda – A Benevolent Zeta

Luanda (portrait by Kesara)

Luanda (portrait by Kesara)

Through friend, 1997:

The closest translation of my name using your symbols is Luanda. These names you are given are purely for your convenience and recognition. We do not usually contact ourselves using monophonic methods; our unity allows us to interface without effort of spoken language. We find it interesting that as a race you have been, and are still, capable of telepathic communication but choose to go through such laborious contortion to communicate on each of your days. The pollution caused by many other contact methods gives us reason to question the direction of the human race. We are not here to make judgement, only to observe and to remember how we too destroyed our homeland without thought for our future.

We visit in all times and locations. Time to us is like one of your oceans. It flows in and back, bringing new scenery each time; never quite the same yet always there. We can ride the waves of time, undulating, choosing where to materialise to seek lost knowledge.

This Jonathan knows of my existence through channels he has recently acquired. I have been aware of him for many of his life years. It is good he has an understanding of our existence. Although with his innate knowledge, it makes life quite a struggle for him, my friend. We know this but can do nothing that can affect his life pattern yet.

We are as you would call ‘vegetarian’ regarding our nutritional intake, which is absorbed through the skin (we also ‘breathe’ through this organ). We only take in what is necessary and therefore have no solid waste. Any impurities are expelled through the skin as perspiration.

We have not evolved through stages like your earth creatures. This is where your planet is unique, with both genetic intervention (as with yourselves) and total non-intervention; in contrast with those evolving around you. Studies can be made of your effect on earth species through ignorance and blinding acquisitiveness for possession of materialistic substance.

We are centuries ahead of the human race, advanced in most ways, especially in technological data. When our self-projected ecological disasters began, we were able to modify ourselves to enable our race in adapting to life above and below ground.

As our world began to die we began the struggle to live. Due to our growing sterility, cloning was the first simple stage to increase our numbers as quickly as possible. Then the modifications gradually emerged. It was more advantageous to create a larger brain and to streamline the body to basic requirements. As we cloned, genitalia were absorbed. It became impossible for our families to naturally birth via a union.

Gender is not an important factor in our civilisation. This may seem strange to a species such as yourselves, when this small part of your constitution creates such large problems. We can choose if required, which sex to be as we mature; most prefer to stay neutral.

DNA Activations

Encoded in your DNA are certain reactions waiting to be activated. These codes were formed long before your present bodies emerged into this world. It is not evolution, it is not naturally produced or inhibited. It has been, as you might say, a ‘safeguard’ against misuse.

Once activated the DNA will alter, causing a chain reaction of physical, etheric and dimensional changes to the creation known to yourselves as the self, the individual. Although you will still be ‘yourself’, the space taken up by your being [aura] will have greatly expanded and may at times conjoin with one or several others for communication or pleasure. As you are only a part of the whole, you need to understand that all things are connected and one cannot change without affecting the whole. Every molecule is microcosmic, as is every thought transmitted.

The changes, once began, will not cease nor will you want them to. There are those trying to prevent these changes taking place by releasing disease and damaging microwaves into the atmosphere; and unfortunately they are a part of the whole. Those who are more in tune with their own being will feel the process developing, and be aware of the changes taking place.

The human race is made up of many beings from many galaxies, amalgamating in varying degrees to produce each individual. Some are more, for example, Pleiadean than Reticulan.

As time has been passing on your planet there have been occasional test cases to evaluate the progress of your development. These have been difficult to assess because of the diversity of each individual. In the past it has been necessary to remove the evolved beings from the planet, as their momentum had ceased to be compatible with that which had remained in status quo.

The point in time has arrived, by agreement of many non-terrestrial beings, to help in the evolution of human terrestrial life by the gentle persuasion of self development. This new awareness will raise all consciousness on the planet and that of the planet itself. We look forward to your evolvement, knowing of our involvement in this momentous time.

Renegade Reticulans

This section of beings are on this earth purely for their own personal gain. As a non-interventionist, it is disheartening to observe the secretive and autonomistically destructive ways of two sets of peoples attempting to work together.

There are less of these beings in underground bases throughout the world now, due to the simple fact that they have succeeded in collecting sufficient data and physical samples to continue their work. Exchanging technology for live donors seemed a simple and fair deal to those who lacked emotion. Your governments too were lacking in compassion, and devised many plans to release information to misinform and mislead their fellow man. The scale and diversity of these plans has been so complex that even the disinformists no longer know what is true.

Your island government [UK] is not totally innocent in the ways of misinformation. If they were compared to the larger authorities throughout your world, they would appear to be novices in this area. The combination of withholding most of the truth and speculative thinking of those not immediately involved produces 90% of the misinformation with zero effort. There are people working for this government who are not aware of their full purpose regarding the role they fulfil. The pawns in such circumstances are expendable and used as what you term a scapegoat to maintain concealment of provable facts within their departments.

Through Evelyn Whitebear, 2006:

I am Luanda, visiting you as requested, as it is good to make our connections clearer. I watch you from a distance and I guard you as well as I can, but mostly I observe. I bring new ideas to you in your dreams, so pay attention to these and remember as much as you can.

Although we (you and I) are of a different physical form, we are connected on a soul level and I consider you as a brother. I see you watching the skies at night, watching the stars, wondering how much life is out there. Well, as the sky is teaming with stars, so it is also teaming with life. Many would prefer to think that this planet is the only one that holds life because in that illusion they feel safe and secure, but know that there are many, many planets with a great diversity of life forms upon them. And this you already know. There are many different dimensions of space and time. There are many existences on this planet that are parallel to one another. They live side by side but in a different dimension or reality, so in effect, they never meet, their worlds and lives never cross one another. But, from time to time the veils grow thin, and these peoples are able to cross from one side to the other. But many of your people do not realise this and do not notice this. Because it is something they cannot comprehend or understand, they do not notice it. But many of you are beginning to wake up to these possibilities and they are beginning to see different shades of life around them.

There is so much around you that I hope one day you will be able to see, and as you progress spiritually you will become more aware of them. You open up your horizons and will become more fulfilled as you see and learn so much more. You have great potential, but you must take one step at a time, grow gradually and slowly, and you will benefit greatly. Your human lives may be short, but there is so much that you can fit into them. If you have patience, if you are calm within, then your life will seem much longer. But when you rush around trying to fit in so much, the days pass so much more quickly. You become aware of less around you and the less you see, the less you are able to learn, the less you will progress. So take time out, be calm, be centred, be aware, and everything that needs to come to you will do so in good time.

I thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak with you, and I hope that I will have future opportunities.

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