Hybrid from the Future


Sigiz through friend, 1997

Sigiz is 30% Terran and 70% Reticulan. His home is a hybrid colony on a planet in the Lyra constellation.

The ‘Manikin Man’ has been my epithet in certain parts of your world, within a certain timescale. I am the size of one of your infant children, about three feet tall. My overall colouring can be compared to parchment. I have four digits on each of my hands, three fingers and one elongated thumb. We have no preference regarding which hand to use, as we are ambidextrous. With reference to your timescale, I am 600 years old.

I am in contact with the writers at this moment, in answer to telepathic messages which reached our source. A signal of assistance was directed at any of the writers’ parallel selves. Contact of this nature is normally forbidden, as not to intervene recklessly. In this case we were invited into your reality to observe ancient soul bearers, in which we were once present. Once invited, we can slip along the lifescale of the person in question, gathering samples and immense information. I am connected to both of the writers on a sliding timescale. Aspects of each have joined in their future, along with others, to form the being of myself.

There has been much work to achieve the point of existence of my race in our time. If it were not for the interaction with your human race, ourselves could possibly be of nonexistence; or we could have existed as purely etheric, or have been adapted to survive in another medium. Let us say, without you we would not be as we are now.

We have been able, once invited, to travel back in your time to various stages in the development of your present race. Samples were collected and our hybridisation began to take place. Your race is evolving rapidly, so early samples are inferior to recent donations. Many of our young adaptations could not survive, but their strains gave forth to stronger beings whose selves were larger than their living bodies. These hybrids can interact with other living matter, conscious or otherwise (plant or animal), as can yourselves, to sustain energy and regeneration on your planet.

The whole of your lives should be one of privilege and contentment. You have boundless inner knowledge, accumulative and endogenic. You have the power to create all that is.


Posted October 15, 2015 by Jonny Turak

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