Galactic Federation of Light Member Races

These races exist in 4th density and above, able to interact with our realm by lowering vibration, projecting a hologram, or overshadowing a human.

Celestial human

The Celestial Humans

These are the primary gene donors to terrestrial mankind, many of which are also based in other galaxies. They look similar to earth humans, but are usually taller with athletic builds. There are many variations, as with humanity, depending on locale in space and time.

Benevolent reptoid

The Positive Reptilian Alliance

This is a vast network of reptilian races that are aligned with the Galactic Federation of Light. In our galaxy, their headquarters lies within Orion’s Belt. Many of them evolved from dinosaurs that lived on other planets.

Luanda (portrait by Kesara)

The Benevolent Zetas

These beings have proliferated across the universe, since their home planet was made completely lifeless by a nuclear war and environmental neglect. There are short Greys (about 3 feet in height) and tall Greys (about 5 feet in height). The latter hold superior positions in their society. Before they adapted their race to a changed climate, they were generally tall with smaller heads and eyes.


The Benevolent Mantids

Part of an ancient insectoid race that works closely with the Greys, approximately 7-12 feet tall. Further information.


The Lion People

Primarily based in the Sirius and Lyra systems, they are ancient members of the Galactic Federation of Light, and had a large presence in Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt.


Posted October 15, 2015 by Jonny Turak

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