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Turak (portrait by Kesara)
Turak (portrait by Kesara)

Jonny Turak, the author of this website, is a starseed walk-in. His modified human body had a soul exchange when it was 7 years old in 1980. At that time, Jonny would tell everyone that he came from outer space. He came from a planet in the Alnitak system. Year 2530. His current life is to be the last of ten incarnations on earth.

Throughout his life, Jonny has had countless profound ‘dreams’, many of which turned out to be precognitive (usually coming true the next day). Sometimes these ‘dreams’ would involve ETs and dead people who would give him messages.

The Pod

At the age of twelve, Jonny had a ‘dream’ (felt completely real) that would intrigue him for the rest of his life. In the ‘dream’, he awoke inside what appeared to be a pod (like those you see on sci-fi shows). The interior was made of a white, translucent plastic-type material that looked somewhat yellowed with age, through which emanated a soft light (like those circular wall lights we have on earth). It was box-shaped with rounded corners. Jonny was lying horizontally on a padded surface. There was some space above him, as he could sit up a bit. He didn’t feel cramped. On the interior above his face, there was a rectangle that emitted bright white light (but didn’t hurt his eyes), about the width of his head and a couple inches vertically. Around the sides of the pod, near the bottom, there was a joint where it appeared to open. Haunting harp music and men chanting “Om” could be heard.

Upon awakening in the pod, he felt great relief to be back home. He lay inside the pod for what felt like several minutes, examining it and listening to the music until waking up suddenly in his bed. He could not recall what his body looked like, as if that was hypnotically suppressed in his mind.

About 15 years later, during the first of two spontaneous kundalini experiences, Jonny woke up one morning with another memory of being in the pod. His saurian body is being kept in suspended animation while he is human.

Stasis pods

When Jonny was 24 years old, in 1998, he went to a complementary medicine festival and was amazed to hear the same music he heard in the pod playing on one of the stalls. He bought the CD, which was titled Om Sanctuary (sample below). The CD is just one track which plays for 69 minutes. He figured the pod was in a realm outside of time as we know it.

Public Contact

On the night of Halloween in 1989, when Jonny (then 16 years old) was at home, his brother (then 14) brought to his attention two objects in the sky. Jonny fetched his binoculars and looked at them through the open roof window. They appeared to be about half a mile away, close together, and had a pattern of multi-coloured flashing lights. Jonny’s brother kept saying they were UFOs. One of the objects emanated a large blue continuous light. They moved around very slowly and sometimes hovered for a few minutes before moving again. Jonny called their mother, who came and looked at the one with the blue light (the other had accelerated out of sight several minutes before). She said it looked like a disc with a row of lights around it. Jonny and his brother watched it for about 20 minutes before it departed into the distance.

That night, Jonny excitedly phoned a local radio talk show and told the host about the sightings. Several people phoned in to report seeing the same things. The subject of UFOs was discussed for hours until the end of the show.

On Bonfire Night, five days after the sightings, Jonny was a couple miles from his home with some school friends on the way to watch some fireworks. Suddenly he was surprised to see hovering in the sky nearby, what looked to be the same object that he’d seen on the night of Halloween. It emitted the same blue light. He pointed it out to his friends, who also looked at it, but didn’t know what it was. Some minutes later, the object accelerated off into the distance. Nothing else unusual was seen that night.

Contact Through Others

Since 1991, when he was 18, Jonny has contacted several mediums and channellers to help him gain information from the beings he felt around him. He has never fully trusted the telepathic whispers in his own mind and wanted to see what the beings said through others.

Among many interesting things, a medium told Jonny in a letter, that he had a wise guide called Ashan, who was an extraterrestrial. Other beings also made themselves known. Ashan was to become very prominent among these.

One day Jonny was curious to know how he and Ashan had become such close friends. Then around this time, Jonny had a dream wherein he was reading a letter. It talked about one of his past lives and mentioned Ashan. In that life, the letter said Jonny was next in line for the throne, and his family had recruited Ashan to teach him how to be a good king. This life was on another planet. Jonny and Ashan have been good friends ever since and belong to the same soul group.

From 1993 to 1996, Jonny edited and published a magazine about spiritual, paranormal and conspiracy subjects. It had readers all over the world. He also gave many talks throughout the UK.

At a healing group meeting that Jonny attended around this time, a psychic lady friend told him she kept clairvoyantly seeing a short Grey being standing around him. She said his name was Luanda, and later that evening she agreed to the being’s request to be channelled. The audience were captivated. Luanda told them that he was a friend of Jonny and came from Orion. He also said his ship was stationed above the house and he hoped to meet them face-to-face one day.

Luanda (portrait by Kesara)
Luanda (portrait by Kesara)

Encounter with Luanda

In 2002, when Jonny was 28, he was lying in bed alone in a large, dimly illuminated room when suddenly he noticed what looked like a Grey being standing in the corner at the far end, about 25 feet away. The being was facing the corner, but turned and looked at Jonny a few times for a second then faced the corner again. He turned very fast. Jonny strongly felt that this being was Luanda, who appeared to be trying not to scare him.

Jonny wasn’t frightened but frozen with awe. Luanda looked like a typical short Grey. Very slender with pale grey skin, almost white, and no apparent clothing. He stood in the corner for a few minutes before zooming out of the room, then zoomed back and stood again in the corner. He did this two or three times and moved extremely fast. Several minutes later, while standing again in the corner, he simply vanished.

Zylon (portrait by Kesara)
Zylon (portrait by Kesara)

Contacted by an ET called Zylon

Jonny was contacted in 2008 by a being who said his name was Zylon. The being told Jonny that he had been assigned to serve, guide and protect certain individuals at that time. He said he was a 5th density reptilian and came from the year 2277. His parents once lived in a Draconian rebel colony somewhere in Orion, then relocated to another colony in Lyra, where he was born. Zylon was a dedicated servant of his council.

Draconian rebel groups are those of the Draconian reptilians that have evolved and left the Empire. Zylon was the higher-dimensional self of someone Jonny knew, and put that person to sleep when he wanted to speak. Zylon’s human self was totally oblivious and not interested in ETs. Zylon contacted Jonny many times over several years. Since he was young, ETs have taken over people around Jonny when they wanted to speak to him.

Jonny has seen several more UFOs over the years and is gradually becoming more of his true self. His star family told him that one day they will begin meeting face-to-face and Jonny will be allowed to remember. They and other ETs have abducted Jonny many times throughout his life, but suppressed the memories. However, they leave signs that something took place.